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The View

the view seen above video link is more than just a pretty view.

on my short plane ride to this destination, which lasted about 45 minutes, I did something that I have not done in years: I gently crossed my arms as if directed by another force, I closed my eyes, and I fell into a deep, peaceful meditative sleep that lasted THROUGH THE LANDING. it lasted through the landing of the plane. as my body and mind recognized that the vehicle I was in made contact with the ground, something else happened. this feels a little bit personal to write about here, but I will share in brief; my hands began to buzz and it extended into my arms. so much so, that I said to my friend sitting next to me “something is happening”…I am not a person who enjoys being out of control or persuaded by energy beyond my own (which is why I am generally not into substances), and this felt similar to something both foreign yet familiar that was moving into my body/field/spirit. as this happened, I felt the kind of peace that I feel often during my daily yoga practice in New York, or during a very intense session in which I am a conduit for a ton of energy for a person. whatever worked and moved within me on this plane ride was divine, and I will leave it there. which leads me in part, to this post…

I have been looking for overseas locations, for some time now, for destination luxury sessions. for those who don’t just want a vacation, but to remove themselves from the meridian lines of their day-to-day in order to make a true change in their life. Thailand, SE Asia and the like are incredible and I have been there, but I think they are over-done by American tourists — we “hear” about a “spiritual” place and then we “have to go”. I see a lot of attempts to “borrow” the culture or the principles of a culture without really doing any actual work inside one’s self, and none of us “becomes spiritual” or “enlightened” because we took a trip to a spiritual place. it doesn’t work that way. anyhow, this is to say that as I have been looking for destination session locations of a luxury variety (please keep in mind that I do not work, and have never worked “hourly”, I won’t do it for anyone, and if you want to understand my work please read through my entire blog), I was waiting to FEEL. not read, or see, or be convinced that “xyz place is the most spiritual! go!”. no. this is how many of us still base our decisions in life, and it’s still working from the outside in. this is why instagram will cease to exist in the way that it already has, it will be a fleeting flash in the pan for those who desire all things instantaneous. and so with my work, in seeking proper places/people/energy to be part of such, nothing is inta-anything and my destination sessions will be the same. this is the energy I have been waiting to come across.

in tandem with coming across this geographical energy for my work, which extends into many different tentacles, there is the root or spore connection to such that is most important; meaning the people at the head or helm of said venue(s) understand my work very well, first-hand. when I work in New York City, I have the same. I only work from spaces in which I have been invited to do so, because someone on the “inside” has experienced my work. this is the same here. it must be this way for me, or else the balance is thrown off. when I work from a particular space, I must feel all of the meridian lines and all of the energy of the people in the space (even if there are dozens of rooms), interconnected in a specific way. I understand this concept is not understood by many, because to understand we must *experience* — not just take in as information or read it somewhere such as I am writing here. so at the risk of sounding cryptic as I often do, I will simply state the fact that when I work in a space I take into account EVERY single energy in it. I don’t rent random hotel rooms in midtown where crap is flying around everywhere. so when people consider the “cost” of these sessions, there is far more to factor in than some roadside-healing-esque operation. what will happen is in total opposition to our fast-paced “insta” culture, and it scares many people. the luxury destination sessions are no exception, and I have received incredible support from the tippity-top down at the Mediterranean location from which these will happen this summer and fall. if you are interested in a luxury destination session, consider everything that I have written about my SLS and then take into account the fact that these will take place in a far away land…

as per my “regular” sessions. those stopped. I have already updated on this front in previous posts. I have never worked in the capacity that my colleagues in this “realm” work, it’s just not me. therefore it has taken a tremendous amount of effort to scale my work accordingly and not get sick or drastically depleted. my choice of session has changed, my dynamic of working has changed, and it has not come from a space of intellect but rather deep guidance and resonance by many things beyond me. what is currently available are luxury sessions only. what this means is that whether in New York City or another location, we will spend more than one day together in one week’s time. I am always very accommodating and tailor-made in terms of what I will offer for follow-up support remotely, in addition to our time together. no session is the same, so you will not get a menu of specifics — rather the menu will be set around duration and some open-ended communication within a timeline context. if I travel to you, there is a base fee depending on national or international arrangements. if you come to me, I will organize your experience to be designated to a particular location in which you will stay a minimum of 2 nights. everything I do is supported from a luxury perspective, meaning your privacy, needs and concerns will be met with the utmost fulfillment. everyone will sign a NDA, which will support both/each of us, as well as the environment we are in. if you are interested in a SLS or luxury session in NYC (or another city), set aside at least two days during which you can be “away” from your regular life. of course exceptions can be made, and we can organize this in 24-hour fashion, but the suggestion is to give yourself a couple of days at minimum. with a luxury session comes a luxury cost — and this depends upon how much time is required on my end. I can not begin to describe what I go through in my every day, day-to-day encounters even with people who I am not working with, and it is exaggerated during my work with someone. I literally lend my energy field 100%, and there is no way for me to negotiate that with the Universe, lol. it happens whether I want it to or not. it has been this way since the day I was born. take into account that this work is serious. it can be gentle, yes, loving, and extremely supportive, but do not look for a quick or cheap fix. you will not find it with me. if that is not your bag, there are some amazing people who can support you; some of them are listed online in New York City (the ones I would feel comfortable suggesting for what I can an “express” session), and I am reluctant to list referrals here for a variety of reasons. but know that these people are out there, and if you resonate with someone (for better OR for worse), know that this is part of your path in life and you will gain either way. there is no such thing as a “bad” experience — if you are having it, you needed to have it!

now an update from my summer abroad; my biggest takeaway has been seeing how much support I have, but also how much people VALUE and understand what I do. one of my friends is an accredited philosopher and economist. this person understands science and physics, and they own dozens of big businesses on our planet. I had dinner with this person recently while in Athens, and my understanding of the people/places/things that I can touch expanded greatly. I have always known that the “secrets of the Universe” so to speak are shared by many, in a specific collective, and that many of these people have been put on our planet to change things with this knowledge (whether they realize this or not, or whether they realize HOW to or not). the dinner I speak of was revelational but really just confirmation in terms of where I am personally headed and the impact I will be able to help make with like minds. it has been during this trip that a renewed sense of worth has arisen, and I see just how much I have given in the past. some have understood it, and some have not. and none of it matters either way, as we are a marble collective of consciousness. that said, my mind has opened in terms of how I may work in all of the capacities that I have been writing about for some time — in medicine, in art, in fashion, in real estate, and so on. the painting is becoming clearer as I step away from it. before taking this much-needed time away from work work work work work, I did not see my output as clearly as I do now. I did not know that there was another way to do things, or, if I did, I was not sure how to do it. being supported emotionally and intellectually and spiritually in the way I now am has changed a lot for me. and it’s not just about being away and taking some time for “me” (which was really very hard for me to do…)…it also happened at home…

at home I have a support system that once only existed in my dreams. this support system arose in a more profound way when I decided to take some time for myself. I can’t express how interesting yet personally healing this correlated experience has been for me, and it has made me stronger inside. we often do not know what support we have until we step out of our comfort zone to be truly vulnerable enough to receive. we do not receive without vulnerability. masking vulnerability is fear. I’ve written about mine many times. I had to work with some of those masks and it was and still is uncomfortable, even though I understand them consciously and intellectually (OBVIOUSLY). this take-away as of latest has been my greatest gift, perhaps in years. seeing far more clearly my value, my purpose, and those around me who truly love me and think of me as family. so, thank you to those of you who have been part of this experience.

today I will make some phone calls for the first time in weeks or maybe even months. as I listened through probably 100 voicemails already today, I could feel my body preparing just to LISTEN to them. this is a sensitivity that, while wonderful for my work, does not allow me to be like a machine and call everyone back and have conversations with everyone. I would die, physically. if I call you back, I am responding not to your worth or value (because EVERYONE is worthy and valuable — this is not what reflects a returned call, so please know this clearly), but to timing. I am also never aware of someone’s logistics or budget, so if we speak and I let you know how I work and it is not for you, I will make a suggestion or two for you to see someone else who might suit what you want in terms of time. and I will make this clear: my time is what is taken into account for all of my sessions. if you understand this, then you understand my fees etc.

the last thing that I want to say is this: we are not trees. if we do not like where we are, if we do not like the person we are married to or dating, if we do not like our job or if we do not like blah blah blah, WE NEED NOT STAY. the biggest issue I see with America is that it has far too many first-world problems. it is almost laughable, how we think. the real problem is that we don’t have it bad enough. and I’m not talking about emotionally or spiritually, I am talking logistically. I, myself, have been caught in the matrix of thinking life must be “like this” or “like that” or “I can’t work from there” or “I can’t do this”. it’s because I’ve been trapped in a city or country which does not match the expansive nature of my soul, or of anyone’s soul. we can change this when we take risks. the rest of the world is already ahead in terms of CULTURE. so consider this. if you truly do not like something, there is a way to change your entire life. and maybe that means that you suffer for a week or a month or longer, but just one day of the peace that is available to is worth ALL OF IT.

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