how to work with me (ONLY) if we have already worked together

this one is simple. I think most of you whom I’ve worked with know this, but possibly you do not, if we have not worked on a monthly retainer basis together post initial session month…

if we have already worked together, and it has been at least a month (which undoubtedly is the case for nearly everyone!), I am offering 90minute remote sessions. these are accompanied by a 30-minute phone call. this is a total of 2 hours of consult and remote healing work, which you already have a strong sense for with me.

I write this because I’ve gotten a variety of reach-outs lately. I will be honoring time for each of us on this one.

IF you want to book a 2-hour remote slot with me, versus just talk to me for a free catch-up, please leave a voicemail on the 646 470 1178 business line. I am definitely excited as of late, especially, to get back in touch with many of you either in this above capacity or in the capacity of my Healing Elaine Movement meetups (which will be announced — we will be taping segments on fertility, past lives, and more very soon in New York City!). if you do not want to book a remote session with me, just stay tuned for info on upcoming events regarding HEM.