what I am in search of, at this moment

this is strictly logistical so don’t get excited, lol.

it has been brought to my attention for close to two years now, that what I need is a manager. I have always done and tried to do everything by myself. probably, I should have gotten a manager a long time ago. but moving along, I am seeking one now. I do not want to cross boundaries with anyone I have worked with by asking directly for a good referral, so here is this post. IF you know someone amazing — and I mean top of the line only, A-list experience is a must — please leave me a message on the business line at 646 470 1178

in addition, I have someone in the works to step in for me in a controller/director of operations/somewhat admin role, this person is very strong and it will be an honor if we can make this work together (former patient of mine, to boot!), but in addition to OR perhaps simply in the meantime, I need to hire someone who is well-versed in setting up small businesses (websites, inventory, product production, administrative coordination etc). if we have worked together or you truly have an incredible recommendation for me, please also leave a message on the business line at 646 470 1178

over the past number of years I have made some unwise decisions regarding hiring, and I will never repeat those mistakes I made (not vetting people, hence unwittingly inviting in horrendous situations). this is probably what has kept me from hiring a proper manager, as well as some strong operational persons (fear of making the disastrous mistakes I made in the past). despite that, I HAVE since hired and continue to hire AMAZING individuals for various things including personal assistance, production, consulting and so on…so this is not to reflect on the last fiscal year and these people I currently have on board which and whom have been truly amazing to me! ( you all know who you are, reading this!). I have wonderful people around me now and I only want to continue that now as I grow and expand further…

during my time overseas it was strongly suggested once again that I get a manager first and foremost, not for my sessions but for my many legs of business I am building out in various industries. for example, in the coming months you will see much of this in docu-style, with former patients of mine turned collaborators in all fields — science, medicine, real estate, politics, entertainment, and so on. ALL energy/physics-centric, by the way.

thank you so much, in advance, for any serious considerations regarding my above needs that I am putting out there!