finding/living in purpose, & ENERGETIC HYGIENE workshop August 12th, 2018

two separate but also interrelated concepts. I cover these topics because I couldn’t find anyone else who was covering them when I needed to understand them. I still can’t find anyone who is covering them in the way I feel they need to be, in order to truly move forward in life. this stuff is not sold in a bottle or an insta story or through “smart” marketing. it’s deeper.

every session I have ever had, whether the person was totally established or just starting out in the world, encompassed wanting to know their purpose or what MORE they could do with their current purpose. here is the underlying theme in EVERY single case: how honest are we with ourselves in OTHER parts of our life, that will enable us to expand?

if we are not honest with ourselves (it blows my mind how many of us are not – and for everyone who thinks 2016 was an accident or mishap, think about it again…it is a REFLECTION), how can we live in purpose or express purpose? the answer is: WE CAN NOT. so, most of the time I spend is centered around helping people get honest with themselves. the only way to do this is to figure out what we are afraid of. if we are unwilling to do that, we will remain “stuck” and resentful of anyone who tries to help us by reflecting back to us our truth. it kind of reminds me of those ladies who were kicked out of a very well-known band that dissolved into a Bey-hive — decades later and they were STILL talking about the one opportunity that “got away” from them. how sad. this is a perfect example of spiritual and emotional laziness hence blame, and it’s everywhere. we think because we are a “talented” writer or actor or WHATEVER that we are entitled to success, and here is another newsflash: we are not. we are not, because until we can get our mind out of trouble (most people’s minds are in trouble all day long), we will never achieve xyz tangible thing. I will also note that this is separate from the ability to make money. though it is often linked or can be linked. there are plenty of miserable wealthy people and bankers I know. their minds are in grave trouble but they refuse to get honest. then their energy just goes deeper into the hole of self destruction, addiction, and denial. and so this little paragraph here about honestly will let you know a little bit about the “work” involved in anything I do with others. if you are ready to confront yourself, then great! you will succeed. if you think you can keep lying and making excuses to yourself, then go to the roadside healer psychic fortune-teller with the neon lights!

finding and living in purpose requires honesty about where we have been, what has actually happened to us, how we feel about it, and whether we are truly ready to let go of the survival patterns or NOT. often it is NOT. because it’s scary. every week or month I go and confront myself in therapy. it’s not always easy. I think it is fun though. because I feel stagnant very quickly in life. and stagnation makes me depressed. and then I feel like I could lose “everything” overnight at the drop of a hat because I am being spiritually or emotionally lazy. I need to be pushed into the depths of fear that creep in my mind and heart as they do for all of us who are in human form. there is way further I want to go in life and I still need to work on my fears to achieve it. I don’t need to be a better healer, I have always been what I am. I just need to be a better person for myself and then the whole world opens. this is where talents or gifts mean nothing. think of bitter ivy art school kids who truly are the most talented, but are the most spiritually and emotionally lazy EVER and will never amount to anything because of it. truth. keep in mind also, that achievement or amounting to something doesn’t always mean money and recognition…we can be in a very long process with no “tangible” proof that we are on point, and also IN purpose at the same time…

the second part of the workshop I will host one week from this Sunday is energetic hygiene. this is somewhat connected to purpose because in finding purpose and being honest with ourselves, we have to look at the patterns we engage in DAILY as a result of our desire to either live in truth or continue the lies many of us live in. in either space, there are energetic patterns (physics) that creep into not just our minds but our daily habits. for example. I can not and will not leave my house in the morning without making my bed. in fact, it is the FIRST thing that I do. it represents order. it reflects my mental state. if I have clutter in my house, my mind is cluttered. it’s not chicken and egg. if my house is cluttered it means my mind is cluttered, whether I want to address that or not. in being cluttered, I am waving around all kinds of energetic patterns. I am engaging with others who have substantial debris in their life and I am bringing that into my mind and physical life. in MANY ways. this is an important topic and again it interrelates to the first part that we will cover: purpose (aka honesty).

all in all, my workshops tend to be deep. people open up and share when they typically otherwise would not. everyone will get individual focus and attention, and I will be candid about my personal challenges past and present and how I continue to move through them.

if you would like to join this small workshop, please call the business line at 646 470 1178 and Anita will call you back to book you. everyone will sign and send back a NDA via email in tandem with the workshop fee to confirm attendance. the workshop will run from 12-8pm. location is Manhattan and will be shared a couple of days prior to the workshop.